Guests Submit Abstract
 Guests begin their submissions by filling in the online form. The user-experience of this form is focused during development and refinements are continued in subsequent years.
Committee Review
 The committee can view these submissions in the control panel that was designed to help them get straight to work without distractions.
Speakers Access
 Accepted speakers can access and review their submissions. They can make changes and upload their presentations directly in their control panel. This takes the pressure off the committee without managing these tasks.
Push to Smartphone Apps
 The software automatically pushes the session details to apps and the website's program page. Delegates will always get the latest details.
 Changes Get Synced Everywhere
 Any changes to an abstract will be synced everywhere: on the website and smartphone apps immediately. No extra work is needed.
Recycle and Reuse
 The software will automatically remove last year's submissions and accept new incoming ones. The committee can spend more time on the conference and less time on tedious tasks.

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